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Mirabelle Smoked Lamb Shoulder

I am a huge fan of lamb, but I have never cooked it low and slow so far. So it was high time to settle this discgrace.

The subject: A boneless German lamb shoulder of roughly 1200 grams


A simple rub with salt, black pepper, rosemary and fresh garlic was applied:

The meat went into the preheated Monolith kamado smoker. For smoke generation I used a chunk of mirabelle wood, a remainder of a tree cut down in the garden last year.

After three and a half hours at 100 °C I cranked up the temperature to around 130 for another hour to get some Maillard browning action going.

lammschulter_bbq3There hardly is any detectable smoke ring, but it’s better not to overdo it when smoking lamb:


Served with mache salad and mustard dressing. Drink: A simple tuscan red.


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