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May 2015


Actually I wanted to make pulled pork last weekend. But it was pouring at the time when the barbecue smoker would have needed to be fired up, with no improvement in sight. So I had to resort to Plan B. I deliberately made a "dry" roast because any basting would interfere with the delicious crust of herbs and spices that will develop.

I could hardly belive my eyes when I saw these pictures of pig's heads and other scrap meat in big dustbins outside Sanagan's Meat Locker in Toronto.

Asparagus With Guanciale and Parmesan


Guanciale is a cured pork speciaity that so far is hardly known outside Italy, but this is beginning to change. It is made from pork jowl and roughly resembles bacon or pancetta. It is the key ingredient of the traditional pasta preparations alla carbonara and all'amatriciana. But just like bacon, guanciale is much more versatile than to be used only for pasta.

Restaurant Review: “Da Cesari”, Bologna

I just was in Bologna for a few days of culinary holiday, and I would like to share my experiences here. I picked "Da Cesari" pretty much by random when looking for a place to have dinner in the central area of the town. It looked nice from the outside and the menu was interesting, so I gave it a go.

Obatzda Deluxe


One of the classic beer garden food staples is Obatzda, a cheese spread traditionally made with camembert and butter and seasoned with onions and paprika powder. It was invented as a way to use leftover cheese that would not be enjoyable on its own anymore. Nowadays many recipes try to cut down on calories by replacing some of the butter with sour cream or creamcheese, but here I am not going to make any compromises.

Morel Mushroom Hollandaise For Asparagus


Every once in a while I am in for a bit of indulgence. Since it is both asparagus and morel mushroom season I went for a combination of the two which is absolutely delicious. For the sauce hollandaise I use the virtually foolproof method of whisking in cold butter instead of the traditional liquid clarified butter.