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June 2015


Apart from using it as a sauce for vegetables, sauce hollandaise is also great for gratinating. This recipe is fairly simple in principle but because of the hollandaise it takes some time to make. Don't even think about using fake supermarket hollandaise made with oil for this. If you don't have the time, better use cheese for gratinating.

Porkonnaise – Sauce Hollandaise From Lard


Sauce Hollandaise is one of the finest things you can make with butter. Butter is a solid animal fat, as is lard. This means you can exchange butter with lard for a meaty variant. And just in case someone is worried about the high satureted fat content of lard: lard has actually less of it than butter (~30% vs. ~50%).


Here is a nice summery chicken dish in mediterranean style. Lemon is a great match for chicken, and caramelizing them adds another layer of flavour.

One day after my dinner at "Da Cesari" which I had picked more or less by random, I went to "C’era Una Volta" ("Once Upon a Time") in Via Massimo d'Azeglio, 9 because I had read several recommendations for it. It is located a stone's throw away from the central Piazza Maggiore.

Spare Ribs With Pomegranate Glaze


If you want to get fancy with your barbecue, pork ribs are the perfect canvas to paint flavours on. I don't use fruit very often in cooking, but pork matches well with a lot of fruit so I gave this slightly exotic twist a try.

Red Head Cheese


Red Head cheese is just as much a variety of head cheese as it is a variety of blutwurst. There really isn't a solid line that separates the two, but obviously in head cheese the gelatinous and connective tissue component is dominating.