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November 2015

Home Smoked Back Bacon


Bacon. The essence of cured pork. Is there actually anyone apart from veg(etari)ans who doesn't love bacon? So if you are curing your own meats there will inevitably come a day when you will also want to make your own bacon.

David Asher: The Art of Natural Cheesemaking


Making my own cheese has always been a dream for me, and I actually gave it an unsuccessful try more than a decade ago. It failed because I did not have the proper information. Now I decided to buy David Asher's "The Art of Natural Cheesemaking" mainly because of its - sadly - unusual approach of not using any commercial starter and mould cultures.

Home Smoked Beef Tongue


Tongue is another meat that does not have the best reputation. But if you think about it, the tongue of any animal is pure muscle meat, even though the texture is rather different from say steak. I have always loved tongue so when I saw an entire beef tongue on offer I couldn't resist.