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After many sleepless nights I came to the conclusion that this world desperately needs yet another food blog. As if blogging about whisky on dramming.com just wasn’t enough for me.

I have been posting accounts of my culinary adventures on Facebook and Twitter for quite a while. On one hand people kept asking me for recipes and even encouraged me to start a new blog. On the other hand I realized that the ephemeral nature of social media causes interesting things to be out of sight out of mind very soon which can be a shame.

So with a deep sigh I decided to dedicate a proper blog to my kitchen activities of various kinds, despite the amount of work involved. More than anything else this will be a log of my personal activity with regard to food, maybe garnished with an occasional book review or other drivel I may feel the need to write down.

The content will focus on general cooking, barbecue (proper one) and also some sausage making, baking too but to a much lesser extent.

Things you should not expect:

  • Vegetarian, vegan or any kind of “health” food – the occasional deviation nonwithstanding
  • Magazine style pretty pictures – I am no food designer, I cook to eat and don’t want hot food to become cold while fiddling around with it. Also my kitchen has rather poor lighting. I try to do my best to make the pictures look appetizing but I cannot guarantee increased saliva production.
  • Complicated, overly fancy, and multi-ethnic food

Things you should be prepared for:

  • Meat, including lesser cuts, some of which may look “disgusting” to some.
  • Saturated fats
  • Traditional food of various cusines, notably German, French and Chinese
  • Things that need time.

I will try to write English and German versions of everything.

I use the metric system throughout the blog. Writing blog posts in two languages is work enough, so converting measurements is not on the agenda any time soon. For those of you who cannot live without “tablespoons” and “cups” there are plenty of conversion tools on the internet. The ultimate website for conversions of any kind (and any other computations for that matter) is Wolfram Alpha. Or you just might consider buying a kitchen scale. It’s money well invested.

The small print

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