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Low Maintenance

Pork Loin Roast With Noilly Prat


Most of the times when I cook a pork roast I go for the traditional Bavarian "Krustenbraten". This recipe has some similarties but it uses a liquid you would not normally associate with pork: dry vermouth. But it works.


Actually I wanted to make pulled pork last weekend. But it was pouring at the time when the barbecue smoker would have needed to be fired up, with no improvement in sight. So I had to resort to Plan B. I deliberately made a "dry" roast because any basting would interfere with the delicious crust of herbs and spices that will develop.

Schweinshaxe – Minimalist Style

Since the crackling of Sunday's suckling pig roast was not entirely satisfying, the issue needs to be tackled now. As a main cause for the crust only being partially crisp I suspected my refraining to use the convection feature of my oven. To verify this hypothesis I made a Haxe with convection today.

Pretzel Dumpling Salad With Blutwurst


Yesterday was sausage day in the TFF Research Kitchen. I also made Blutwurst, more on that soon in a detailed report. After this exhausting work I didn't really fancy cooking today, so I took care of leftovers.

Dry Braised Pork Belly


For my recent weisswurst making session I needed pig skin which I took off a small piece of pork belly. I pondered several possibilites to take care of the remaining meat and decided to try something I have never done before: "braising" without liquid.